Our Staff

    Michelle Hart (Centre Coordinator)
    Michelle manages the day-to-day running of the centre and coordinates the staff to meet the needs of the service users from the local community. Michelle is responsible for coordinating services alongside other local agencies and organisations, in order to provide universal early childhood services and support for parents and
    families from all backgrounds. Michelle also offers a range of family support including advice for housing, parenting, adult learning/further education and returning to work

    Jennifer Henderson (Strategic Officer)
    As the Children's Centre Strategic Officer, Jennifer ensures the continued development of the overall service in order to help improve outcomes for parents/carers and children in the community. Jennifer plays a key role in matters related to strategic development, including: Self-evaluation, strategic plsnning and implementation, nonitoring of services and updating cluster policies and procedures.

    Emma Tasker (Receptionist & E-start Co-ordinator)
    Emma is the first point of contact at the Beehive and deals with a range of matters, inculding general enquiries from all visitors and callers. Emma processes the Centre's registration forms and bookings for activities and also deals with a variety of other clerical duties for the centre and other members of the team. Emma is also our website co-ordinator.

    Kim Jackson (Extended Services Project Leader)
    Kim is the project leader that leads and manages the development and implementation of the 'Living and Learning' Extended Schools service. Kim organises a wide range of opportunities for parents, children and families within the local community such as adult learning courses, play and stay sessions and holiday and after school clubs. these activities are avalable at all of the schools in the 'living and Learning' cluster and/or at the Beehive Sure Start Children's Centre.
      Clare McGarvey               Jessica Rolt                     Katie Jeeves

    As Family Workers, Clare, Jessica and Katie support families to improve emotional well-being, social skills and provide opportunities for children and families to enjoy and achieve. Some examples of the kind of support available are: Positive parenting and managing your child's behaviour, meeting with families face to face, at home or at the Children's centre, Financial and Housing advice, Support for parents wishing to return to education, employment or training, working with parents/carers to manage their own well-being and to build their confidence, running a variety of activities underpinned by the Early Years Foundation Stage (EYFS) to support the learning journey of children under 5 - socially, emotionally, physically, and academically.